repoze.debug pdbpm middleware

If installed in the WSGI pipeline, the pdbpm middleware monitors your application for uncaught exceptions: when one occurs, it drops your (foregrounded) server process into the pdb post-mortem debugger to allow you to debug the error.

Configuration via Python

Wire up the middleware in your application:

from repoze.debug.pdbpm import PostMortemDebug
middleware = PostMortemDebug(app)

Configuration via Paste

Use the ‘egg:repoze.debug#pdbpm’ entry point in your Paste configuration, e.g.:

pipeline = egg:Paste#cgitb

Ignored Exceptions

By default, the pdbpm middleware ignores exceptions from the paste.httpexceptions package. To disable this feature, configure the middlware using the ignore_http_exceptions flag (set to False).